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On a late Friday night sometime around 2013, I found myself alone in a dark room trying to figure out how to invest in bitcoin. (I know, sweet social life, 23-year-old Money Wiz…) Physically, I was in a dark room, and my face was illuminated by the blue hue of my computer screen. But mentally, […] The post How to Invest in Bitcoin? A SIMPLE Beginner’s Guide (My Bitcoin Strategy Revealed!) ...
Posted: May 22 2020 @ 11:47 AM
The other day I found myself browsing through my favorite internet time-sink (Youtube) because what else are we supposed to do during quarantine? And well, that Youtube algorithm knows just what I like, because it served up a headline it knew I wouldn’t be able to resist: “Mark Cuban’s Guide to Getting Rich” As somebody […] The post Mark Cuban shared his 9 rules to getting rich. Why I agree with ...
Posted: May 12 2020 @ 9:28 AM
Hey Money Wizards,  You all probably know by now that every month, I track my progress towards a ~$1 million portfolio that will allow me to reach early financial freedom. These last few months, it’s been a seriously bumpy ride! Let’s see the latest… Life Update: April 2020 Like the rest of the country, Minnesota’s […] The post Net Worth Update: April 2020 (The Simple Life…) appeared first on My Money ...
Posted: May 04 2020 @ 9:55 AM
Earlier this month, the sun decided it was time retire Minnesota’s dreary winter clouds, and the leaves decided it was time to bud from the trees. I took the hint, got myself outside into some beautiful Spring weather, and began one chore I can actually get behind – Spring cleaning. For this bout, I was […] The post How to use the internet to enjoy $1,000+ luxuries for pennies. (And rent ...
Posted: Apr 30 2020 @ 9:27 AM
If you’ve been following my net worth updates over the past few months, you might have noticed one undeniable fact: I’ve lost a TON of money. Seriously. Just look at these two Personal Capital charts: aaand barely a month later… Yeah, that’s somewhere around $107,000 lost in just over a month. Not fun. Which is […] The post How I Lost $107,662 in 40 Days. And Why I Regret Nothing. appeared ...
Posted: Apr 23 2020 @ 9:59 AM
Ever wonder how much it costs to adopt a cat? Well, lucky for you, I adopted a four month old kitten exactly half a year ago. Even luckier, I tend to have some OCD money-blogger tendencies, which for better or worse, means that I can’t help but track every penny I spend. So when The […] The post How much does it cost to adopt a cat? I tracked every expense ...
Posted: Apr 15 2020 @ 10:02 AM
Did that just say, illegal side hustles??? Hey, times are tough out there… The world is falling apart, and desperate times call for desperate measures. It might be time to get shady with it. Yep, today we’re looking at the best crimes to make money.  Full disclaimer: This post is entirely for entertainment purposes, obviously. […] The post 10 Illegal Side Hustles: How to Make Money Fast (Illegally!) appeared first on ...
Posted: Apr 08 2020 @ 9:33 AM
What’s up wizards and witches!? Coming at ya live from quarantine! If you’re new here, every month, I track and share my progress towards growing my net worth to roughly $1 million. What doesn’t happen every month? One of the craziest events in world history, which sent shock waves through the world economies, my portfolio, […] The post Net Worth Update: March 2020 (The craziest month ever?) appeared first on My ...
Posted: Apr 02 2020 @ 10:05 AM
What would you do with $90 billion dollars?  That’s today’s question, because we’re taking a break from real life and escaping to something way more fun. Spending Bill Gates’ money! (PS – Yes, it’s entirely possible that I’m writing this post just to avoid checking the damage to my personal capital account after last month’s […] The post Spend Bill Gates Money: How Many NFL Teams and F-16 Fighter Jets Could ...
Posted: Mar 31 2020 @ 9:45 AM
In the words of the late 1990s prophet Smash Mouth, “My World’s on fire, how about yours?” It’s hard to imagine that boy band was referencing a worldwide coronavirus panic some 20 years later, but here we are. One interesting consequence? International stocks have been absolutely decimated. And since our friendly Uncle Warren (Buffett) told […] The post VTIAX vs. VFWAX: Which Vanguard International Index Fund is Best for You? appeared ...
Posted: Mar 27 2020 @ 5:34 PM


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