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For the month of February, I stuck to my budget and I eventually came well under budget. I’m proud of myself. Tracking my budget on a weekly basis, and adjusting accordingly seems to work best for me. The markets aren’t doing so great, but my net worth increased slightly. Here’s where I stand net worth […] ...
Posted: Mar 03 2018 @ 10:43 PM
The third week of February has come and gone and things continue to go well. Tracking and adjusting my spending on a weekly basis is works better for me. I have (once again) changed how I track my expenses by breaking down my expenses into determinate and indeterminate expenditures (before they were lumped together). In […] ...
Posted: Feb 22 2018 @ 11:25 AM
This is my spending check-in for the second week of February. In order to keep track of my weekly expenses, I created an excel file to facilitate the process. The table below is one component of the excel file that tracks my income, expenses, and savings. I’m following a zero-sum budget approach. So if I […] ...
Posted: Feb 15 2018 @ 12:30 PM
Today marks being a third of the way through February, and as mentioned in my previous post, I’d like to do more frequent check-ins to keep better track of my spending. My proposed monthly budget for 2018 has me set to spend $400/month on variable expenses.  That means that today I should be at $133 […] ...
Posted: Feb 10 2018 @ 5:51 PM
January is my third consecutive atypical month, and financially things are looking messy. I’m writing this post to come up with a way to better meet my savings goals and get myself back on track. Just a quick month-by-month overview of how I got in this situation: November – purchased a condo which resulted in expenses associated […] ...
Posted: Jan 25 2018 @ 8:30 AM
Yes, this post is finally up and happening. Here’s my end-of-year review for 2017! It was a whirlwind of a year for sure. In the financial sense everything went smoothly. My net worth increased by over 75% in 12 months. I bought a condo. And I met all my financial goals. Here’s an overview of […] ...
Posted: Jan 24 2018 @ 4:36 AM
Okay so I’m trying to get caught up on some details that I left out in the November and December net worth updates. Neither month went as well as I would have liked due to the condo purchase and the expenses that come with a new place. November Spend Category Budgeted Actual Remaining Rent $1,050 […] ...
Posted: Jan 16 2018 @ 4:00 AM
I know I should have posted this earlier, but I’ve been busy with the holidays and now I’m on vacation. December was another irregular month for me mostly due to moving into my new place. The good thing is my first mortgage payment wasn’t due until January 1.  So I was able to save quite […] ...
Posted: Jan 12 2018 @ 2:39 PM
It wasn’t easy deciding to go against popular advice of not borrowing from my 401K now that I’m condo hunting. When it came to saving for the down payment and closing costs I weighed three saving strategies: Saving aggressively in liquid savings accounts, only contributing the minimum to my 401K to receive my employer match. […] ...
Posted: Sep 10 2017 @ 11:06 AM
Spending Overview: I’m keeping track of my spending to hopefully break the habit of going over budget. This daily budget approach actually ended up going very well! It is definitely what I needed to get out of the monthly overspend habit. The weekly spend: Shopping: $11 Food: $51 Travel: $33 I’ll post my monthly totals […] ...
Posted: Sep 05 2017 @ 9:12 AM


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