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Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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What is Lifestyle Creep? If you’re not familiar with “lifestyle creep”, here is my official definition: Lifestyle Creep (ˈlīfˌstīl krēp), noun: the very real, very unnecessary, and very self-defeating personal finance phenomenon of increasing one’s lifestyle spending as a direct correlation to an increase in one’s income over time. With lifestyle creep, your spend rises as, one-by-one, purchases once considered as luxuries to an individual have a way of slowly ...
Posted: May 20 2018 @ 3:02 PM
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Posted: May 20 2018 @ 3:02 PM
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Posted: May 06 2018 @ 7:03 PM
Do you have an old credit card just sitting unused in your wallet, sock drawer, or wherever you keep credit cards that has left you wondering “should I shut down that old credit card”? A 20somethingfinance reader, Emily, writes in with a similar question, “Should I close an old credit card that I no longer use? What is the impact on my credit score?” It’s a great question – one ...
Posted: May 06 2018 @ 7:03 PM
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Posted: Apr 29 2018 @ 5:20 PM
In belated honor of Earth Day and as a show of appreciation for our one and only planet, I wanted to do a little something special. Reducing my negative impact on this planet and saving money are both things that I care very deeply about. So, I thought it would be a worthwhile to create a list of environmentally friendly products that also save you money. Many of these products ...
Posted: Apr 29 2018 @ 5:20 PM
The tax deadline is fast approaching, but there are still a few tools left in the tax toolkit that can be used to lower your tax obligation, even at this late stage. To be eligible for the vast majority of tax deductions and credits, you typically have to take an action within the calendar year that you are filing your return for in order to claim them. However, there are ...
Posted: Apr 15 2018 @ 6:56 PM
...... ...
Posted: Apr 09 2018 @ 10:28 AM
Long-time readers may be quite surprised to find the subject header of Xfinity Mobile Review to hit their email inbox or feed, given my extensive collection of diatribes against Xfinity (Comcast) in recent years. I’m as surprised as you are. Alas, I’ve previously and extensively reviewed the cheapest data plans, cheapest prepaid plans, and cheapest mobile wifi hotspot plans on the market, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, at ...
Posted: Apr 09 2018 @ 10:28 AM


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