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A little over two years ago, my husband Danny and I set out on a journey to pay off over half a million dollars in debt. Our goal is to pay off our debt within five years. And while five years is relatively short in the big scheme of life, five years is a really […] The post MY FAVORITE CHEAP MAKEUP PRODUCTS appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Feb 22 2019 @ 8:16 AM
*This post contains an affiliate link at no extra cost to you.  What is the Student Loan Planner? The Student Loan Planner is a website where you can get a personalized student loan debt plan to help you get on the path to debt freedom. It also has a blog that answers basically any question […] The post STUDENT LOAN PLANNER REVIEW appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Feb 20 2019 @ 4:00 AM
I have a problem. A pretty big problem actually. I am a yes person. I admit it. I like to say yes. I’m a people pleaser. I do not like to say no, especially to people that I love. But I also don’t like to say no to complete strangers. Isn’t that silly? And while […] The post HOW TO SAY NO appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Feb 18 2019 @ 3:26 PM
If you have six figures of debt, you’re in good company. The population of people who have six figures of student loan debt is exploding– more than 700,000 borrowers in the U.S. owe more than $200k, plus 2 million borrowers who owe between $100k and $200k. It sounds crazy in the abstract, when you AREN’T one […] The post PAYING OFF SIX FIGURES OF DEBT appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Feb 13 2019 @ 11:06 AM
When I took my first job after law school, coincidentally around the same time I decided to aggressively pay off my student loan debt, I was really stumped about how I was going to dress professionally and also live on a tight budget. There just wasn’t extra money for clothes in our budget, but I […] The post HOW TO DRESS FOR WORK ON A BUDGET appeared first on DEEPLY IN ...
Posted: Jan 30 2019 @ 5:12 PM
It’s that time of the month again! Here are January’s 10 things, that is, 10 things that have been on my mind this month, some personal finance related and some not. We have some exciting things on the horizon. (1) If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we started a different budgeting technique for our […] The post JANUARY’S 10 THINGS appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Jan 29 2019 @ 12:07 AM
We have $650k of student loan debt. Actually, we have just a touch over $400k now. I guess if we are willing to publish a blog about it then it is not like we were trying to keep it a secret. Sometimes I forget the magnitude of our student loans. Because how could I cope […] The post RESPONSES WE HAVE HAD TO HAVING $650K OF STUDENT LOAN DEBT appeared first ...
Posted: Jan 24 2019 @ 12:26 PM
Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than I care to admit. I’m still feeling slightly hungover financially from Christmas. But I firmly believe in celebrating holidays, even Valentine’s Day, no matter what your financial situation is. Which is why I created this list of cheap but awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him, so that you can […] The post CHEAP BUT AWESOME VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS FOR HIM appeared first on DEEPLY IN ...
Posted: Jan 24 2019 @ 12:22 AM
Our little man’s FOURTH birthday is coming up! So I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap place to have his birthday party (if we have one at all). Even though we are on a journey paying off six figures of student loan debt, I try to do my best to live an abundant life, […] The post CHEAP PLACES FOR KIDS’ BIRTHDAY PARTIES appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Jan 14 2019 @ 9:02 PM
Ever since Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover came out (if you haven’t read it, I fully recommend it as a great starting place) it seems like everyone these days is using cash. Dave recommends it as a tool to keep your spending in check and while he makes some obviously valid points (you can’t buy things […] The post REASONS YOU SHOULDN’T USE CASH appeared first on DEEPLY IN DEBT. ...
Posted: Jan 11 2019 @ 1:10 AM


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