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1,000 Ways to Save
Money, Budgeting, Family, Minimalism
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Flint, Michigan, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Who doesn’t love a good amusement park! The rides, games, food, … excitement!  There are a lot of reasons why nearly 375 million of us go them every year! But what’s NOT fun – the prices!  Nearly every part of the amusement park experience has been designed to separate you from your money. Everything from […] The post How to Save Money at Amusement Parks – 21 Great Tricks! appeared first ...
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Your home is your castle. But just like a castle, you want there to be protection in case something goes wrong.  This is why you absolutely need to get home owners insurance. However, just like all other insurance products, the costs of home owners insurance can vary significantly from place to place.  Each one has […] The post 21 Ways to Get the Best Price For Home Owners Insurance appeared first ...
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Hiring an independent contractor for service around the house is something that every homeowner must do in their lifetime. For some of us, the bigger the house (or the less “handy” we are), we have to do this more often than we’d like to. Working with an independent contractor can be a little nerve-wracking because […] The post How to Hire an Independent Contractor at the Best Price – 12 Tricks ...
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If there’s anything that can make a house look like a million bucks, its a well-groomed lawn. Incredible-looking landscaping has been the envy of home-owners since the days of castles.  Kings and queens would appoint entire teams of servants to tend to the gardens simply so they could be surrounded by its natural beauty. That’s […] The post 22 Easy Ways to Save on the Cost of Landscaping a Yard appeared ...
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Every parent wants to know how to save money on groceries. Buying and providing food for our families has become one of the staples of our modern way of living. But it’s also become a very expensive part of our family budget. Grocery stores have made it all too convenient by becoming one-stop shops and […] The post How To Save Money On Groceries – 23 Simple Tips appeared first on ...
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It was once said to me that a swimming pool is a giant hole in the ground where you throw away all your money.  Having owned two pools now in my lifetime, I can tell you: I couldn’t agree with that statement more! At times it can be very frustrating when it comes to how […] The post 22 Ways to Save Money on the Cost of a Swimming Pool and ...
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Knowing how to save money on utilities has been one of the staples of money saving opportunities for years. Really!  Who hasn’t heard maxims from their grandparents about  how to save money such as “Shut that water off.  You’re just flushing water down the drain.” or “The toilet’s running again!” This is because just like back […] The post 21 Intelligent Ways How to Save Money on Utilities appeared first on 1,000 ...
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Knowing how to shop for life insurance can make all the difference between paying exactly what you should be and getting completely ripped off! Believe me!  I was unfortunately doing the latter of those two options for a number of years ( … more on that story below …).  But eventually I wised up, did […] The post How to Shop for Life Insurance Using These 14 Easy Tips appeared first ...
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