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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
African American
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
IT / Software
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I recently finished the Total Money Makeover by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey. It was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed. There are certain personal finance concepts Dave teaches that transforms people’s lives. He uses 7 baby steps to lead people towards financial peace. 7 out of 10 Americans are currently living paycheck to […] ...
Posted: Mar 18 2018 @ 4:53 PM
Don’t take life too seriously. I personally struggle with this all the time. I sometimes become obsessive when it comes to accomplishing financial and personal goals. Constantly putting too much pressure on myself and worrying if I’m saving enough for retirement or savings goals. This stress is not good for my personal health and for […] ...
Posted: Feb 11 2018 @ 5:15 PM
The last month in 2017 was a difficult one for me. Just when everything was going smoothly in life the unthinkable happened. It was a rainy Wednesday evening and I was on my way to Moe’s restaurant. I pulled up in the parking lot and for some reason I tried to go around the Dunkin […] ...
Posted: Jan 06 2018 @ 7:01 PM
A wise man once said “There will always be haters that’s the way it is hater ‘dudes’ marry hater ‘chics’ and have hater kids” ~Kanye West. Of course, I changed the lyrics because this is a family blog, but you get the point. Haters gonna hate that is just life. Some people have been hating […] ...
Posted: Dec 11 2017 @ 3:46 AM
My girlfriend and I welcomed a new baby boy this past summer and he’s been such a true blessing into our lives. As soon as we found out we were expecting we opened up a joint 360 checking and savings account with Capital One. With Capital One 360 you can easily create accounts and use […] ...
Posted: Nov 20 2017 @ 5:50 AM
This is a guest post by Patty Moore, a new blogger who writes about personal finance, careers, and family at WorkingMotherLife.com. Patty can also be found on Twitter @WorkMomLife! After chipping away at your mortgage, credit card bills, or loans for a few years, it is likely that you’ve noticed just how big of a […] ...
Posted: Oct 20 2017 @ 6:38 AM
“Yeah right” “Yeah right”, “Get Outta Here”, “Stop Lying”, I know what you’re thinking as you opened this blog post and read that headline. Millionaires live lavishly in huge mansions, drive expensive cars and eat at fancy restaurants every night. Growing up watching MTV Cribs and seeing how celebrities and athletes lived I assumed every […] ...
Posted: Oct 05 2017 @ 3:43 AM
...... ...
Posted: Sep 17 2017 @ 10:14 PM
...... ...
Posted: Aug 28 2017 @ 1:06 AM
This post is inspired by Jay Z’s latest album 4:44. My favorite track off of that album is called “Legacy”. It starts off by his daughter Blue Ivy Carter saying “Daddy what’s a will'” and Jay Z begins to talk about generational wealth and the legacy he wants to pass on to his family throughout […] ...
Posted: Jul 24 2017 @ 6:04 AM


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