The Wealthy Barber:
Everyone's Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent

By: David Chilton | | Rockstar Review | Categories: Money Management, Debt, Investing
An informative and entertaining work of fiction that introduces the reader to basic principles of personal finance. A great choice for beginners.
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"This was the first book I read on personal finance and the reason I started to take money more seriously. It was actually a gift from my parents after I graduated high school, which I thought was a super lame present at the time but ended up being just what I needed. I liked that the book was written in simple terms and was actually entertaining."
"It's simple and easy to follow. And add the sense of humour. It's a no boring read for a personal finance book."
"I like the narrative format and the depth the author goes into each topic. Definitely made me think more about insurance and estate planning than I had before - I was mostly focused on accumulation, not on what happens if something goes wrong."
"This was the book that started it all for me. It's easy to read and understand. Was one of the first personal finance books I ever picked up."
"This is great, because it's in story form, and easy to understand. Plus, it's all sound financial advice!"
"One of the first books I read on personal finance almost 20 years ago. It's a great story and teaches some great lessons around money."
"I read the book in my early 20s and it really opened my eyes to the world of personal finance and being intentional with money."
"Good timeless advice"
"First book on money I ever read from my dad"
"This was one of my first financial books. The original wealthy barber was written just like a story featuring 3 characters going to their barber for financial advice. All 3 took different routes and the barber guided them along. Was a fantastic book. The biggest one thing I got from it was to pay yourself first."
"Similar to The Millionaire Next Door, this book provides simple, actionable advice on how the small steps your take can compound and lead to big gains in the future."
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