Predictably Irrational:
The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

We believe we're rational in most of our thinking, that is until we've read this book. Dan Ariely finds our irrational quirks fascinating and presents them in interesting and entertaining ways through stories and by sharing the findings he's accumulated over years of performing psychological research studies on willing participants and classroom teaching.
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"You only live once- but how many people actually think about that and make that one time count? This book is a great read and will get you thinking about your life and future."
"I tried so hard to get into this book but it's so incredibly boring. It's like financial history but it's even more boring. I'm sure it's consider a classic for a good reason but I just couldn't finish it."
"I read this book in college for a beginner finance class and it truly opened my eyes to so many truths. There are so many misconceptions regarding what the wealthy do with their money. This book shed light on the true way millionaires handle their finances. The book was also a great reminder that just because you bring in a large salary, that does not mean you will be wealthy. It is always more about how you manage your money and what financial decisions you make."
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