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Promoting Thrift As A Viable Alternative Lifestyle

By: Amy Dacyczyn | Categories: Frugality, Money Management
If there's a way to save money with day-to-day purchases and activities, this reference guide for the feverishly frugal among us covers it. It offers its readers hundreds of ways to save money by using substitutes, work arounds, homemade solutions and DIY projects. Some of the tips and tricks are likely to surprise.
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"This is a giant compendium of charmingly homemade 1990s newsletters on frugal living. Many of the specific tips are hopelessly dated (repurposing audio casette tapes, for example), but the spirit of them is timeless: make your own, make do, reuse, thrift, cook from scratch, look for opportunities, reject consumerism, and keep a laser-like focus on what you truly want out of life. Perusing this giant volume is a really good way to get yourself thinking in a frugal mindset. And maybe it's just because I grew up in the 90s, but it feels strangely homey and comforting to delve into the domestic life of this decade's most practical frugal families. Some of Dacyzyn's articles get deep and deal with big questions that are still important today, like calculating whether it's financially worth it for both parents to work, or pondering the big questions of the ultimate purpose of frugality - which often gets into the ultimate purpose of life."
"It was the first book that taught me that I could optimize my finances by thinking about purchases and exploring alternative ways to get my needs met."
"The explanations, real life examples and math and environmentalism behind frugality."
"I still pull this out regularly. Some of the advice is dated, but this family still raised 6 kids and became wealthy on a single Navy salary by sweating every detail and embracing frugality."
"When I was was a new mom just out of college with a new son to care for, I had pretty much no money. This book saved me by showing the hundreds (thousands) of ways to economize by thinking creatively about frugality. Even though I make six figures now, I still use ideas from this book-15 years later."
"It's approachable and readable and sets a solid foundation for building ones way out of debt and toward financial freedom. JL writes in a way that's easy to understand and entertaining while dishing out great advice."
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