The Richest Man in Babylon

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Beloved by millions, this timeless classic hails as one the greatest inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. These fascinating and informative stories set you on a sure path to prosperity and its accompanying joys.
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"It's short, sweet, and based on *story* form. So pretty much the personal finance book for non-personal finance people ;) (It's also like 100 years old and pretty amazing how relevant it still is in today's culture - if not more!)"
"1. It simplifies the steps to building wealth 2. It is written in a simple and uncomplicated way 3. It uses storytelling so richly to get the money message across. 4. The book is timeless. It retains relevance even though it was written about a hundred years ago."
"Once again I feel like this was another book that simplified the idea of paying yourself first. It's a quick read, filled with stories, and really drives home the message. It's an essential for beginners to personal finance."
"This book tells you all you need to know without giving you all the answers."
"This was the first finance book I ever read as a 12 year old kid and it made a lasting impression. To this day I still pay myself first because of this book. Great advice and easy to read."
"This was the first financial book I ever read, and it stuck with me. The idea of paying yourself first and paying off your debt slowly, while also saving money, was powerful. The book alluded to the power of changing your feelings and mindset about money, which is really the most important thing to change!"
"It's simple enough for any audience to understand, but it shows the importance of investing and re-investing for your future."
"The Richest Man in Babylon is a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon, with all its lessons revolving around sound financial advice. I like this book because sometimes it's hard to see the trajectory your own life is taking as you are going through it. But when you see how simple decisions affect simple people in simpler times... Well... it becomes a simple act to reevaluate your own actions."
"It provides simple anecdotes to explain technical financial principles"
"It teaches basic saving concepts using storytelling and makes the reader aware that keeping things simple will help you achieve your goal."
"Easy to read and full of the basics that will make you wealthy."
"A favorite of almost everyone that reads the book, it was originally written in the early 20th century as a collection of pamphlets that were left in banks. These parables have been combined into this book and are easy to read and understand. This is is personal finance 101 and reinforces the formula for getting rich quick'ish: Spend less than you earn. Invest the surplus. Avoid debt."
"Easy but informative read! The storyline makes it relatable"
"I put off reading Richest Man in Babylon for a while because it seemed too simplistic. Eventually I got around to reading it after I had read a lot of other finance books and I really enjoyed it. It is simplistic. Far more simplistic than any other finance book I’ve read. But sometimes that is what you need. I am someone that had read a ton of books and a crazy amount of blogs, and I still switched up my finances after reading this book. It’s easy and fun to read and it gets the message across without getting complicated."
"It doesn't help you with finances exactly. It doesn't teach you the best ways to start an emergency fund, or how to get out of debt. Instead, it teaches the mindset that everyone needs to have towards money."
"Interesting approach to time tested financial advice that kept me engaged and interest. The book uses a simple parable to give awesome personal finance advice that anyone can use to gain wealth."
"Historic book with great fundamental teachings about money. It should be required reading. I give it out every year for Christmas."
"Loved the setting of the story in babylon. Easy to grasp."
"It's short, sweet, and based on *story* form. So pretty much the personal finance book for non-personal finance people ;) (It's also like 100 years old and pretty amazing how relevant it still is in today's culture - if not more!)"
"JL Collins gives a compelling, honest and clear argument for investing early, saving for early retirement and keeping your financial life simple. Society will tell you the stock market is risky and scary, that index funds won't work and you need a managed fund to make money or that finances are so complex that you need a manager to navigate for you. Jim gave me confidence in investing through his blog stock series by breaking down investing into a clear, simple strategy that results in freedom. The book was a perfect follow up and compliment to the blog series! I plan to give this to high school & college grads as well as newlyweds ;) As a side note- I really appreciated that Jim also included sections about charitable giving and living a worthwhile life, which can be easily overlooked when focusing on financial topics."
"Simple lessons are always the best. This one makes for easy reading and keeps the rules of money easy to absorb."
"This book contains the fundamental principles of being financially successful. Also, it tells them on a historical storytelling way that even a child can understand. Listening to the audiobook (available on YouTube) also worth it."
"Plain and Simple financial advice"
"I credit JL Collins' stock series for getting me started in investing in a taxable account and for helping me figure out what to have in my 401k."
"Timeless book about giving back finance."
"Simple strategies for success"
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