Think and Grow Rich

A classic resource that's about far more than being successful with money. It’s about mastering the self so that we may be as successful as we choose to be.
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"1. Excellent use of many examples and success stories in getting the message of wealth building across 2. Full of timeless truths still ever relevant even though it was written more than 80 years ago. 3. Simplified the process and art of amassing wealth"
"It teaches the most important success lesson I have ever learned - help others and you will be rewarded."
"This book shows us that by thinking like the rich and successful, you can become like them."
"Interesting take on what the author learned from the top earners."
"One of the first books I ever read. Helps create a mindset of growth, something important for whatever you do in life."
"Because it's a classic, and will likely never go out of style"
"This was the first book on personal achievement and is the standard for all books since. It goes into more mindset and practical aproaches a person needs to grow their wealth. Best of all it was the principles used by the richest people of the day. Names like Edison, Ford, Rockefeller (and a few hundred others) all reviewed the principles in this book and gave their input. That alone is worth reading it."
"This book has 13 steps that will help anyone get their mind on the correct track. Napoleon Hill studied the wealthy for 20 years and amassed a lot of info during that time."
"It's a classic! And one of the best ways to get your *mind* right early on in your journey, which is what you need if you're serious about growing wealth. Parts of it can be dry at times, but most of it's jam-packed with stats and other fascinating nuggets on what millionaires *really* look like/act out there in the real world. You may be surprised!"
"Timeless Classic"
"Although, I believe every person should read it, I only believe that so you understand the concept that this book teaches. Many books, speakers, mentors, etc. talk about and reference this book over and over, so you need to understand the method to creating real wealth, but the creations that have come from this book are what is more important (in my opinion)."
"The main reason I love this book is it forces the reader to accept fault for their current financial situation. Only when an individual accepts the blame do they have the power to change their situation."
"Annoyingly simplistic. It talks about VERY basic concepts."
"I wish this book would have been out when I was in college, but I'm still glad I got to read it by my mid-20s. I liked that his approach was real and he doesn't beat down his readers for wanting to buy a latte or live in a nice home like a lot of other PF experts out there. Personal finance is personal, find a way to make your money work for you."
"I like this one because it gives insight into how we rationalize (or irrationalize) money in a way to help us overcome our financial deficits as human beings."
"This is a must read in my opinion. It is a book that encourages, helps, and promotes you to you believe in yourself and your idea. If you do not believe in yourself or your idea, you will most definitely fail at whatever it is that you are attempting to achieve. This book really helps you achieve the correct mindset to obtain the goals you have set. It has helped me to continue going forward to obtain my goals."
"Didn't like it at all. Didn't resonate with me"
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