The Simple Path to Wealth:
Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life

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JL Collins practices what he preaches, which is the FIRE lifestyle (Financial Independence, Retire Early). He shares with his readers the power that saving and investing can have on our lives, both in the present (in the form of "F-U money") and in the future (achieving financial independence earlier than conventional wisdom suggests). A great read by a great personal finance blogger.
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"I credit JL Collins' stock series for getting me started in investing in a taxable account and for helping me figure out what to have in my 401k."
"This book demystified investing for me. I recommend it to everyone who has a question about investing."
"Great read. Honest feedback and evaluation of the stock market and its investors. You feel like you are being let in on a secret."
"SPW changed my life. It was simple in every way, shape and form. It just cuts out all the fat on what to do with finance. This should be a must read for every young man or woman looking to build their wealth."
"It's the most straight forward approach to get rich"
"It's approachable and readable and sets a solid foundation for building ones way out of debt and toward financial freedom. JL writes in a way that's easy to understand and entertaining while dishing out great advice."
"This book is simple, has great advice for spending less and investing more, and is written by the master of early retirement."
"Contains everything you need to know to become a successful investor"
"JL Collins gives you everything you need for FI investing, in one easy to read book."
  - Joel @ fi180.com
"I wrote a blog post/review on this book. My first inclination was to avoid Jim Collin's book because it was self published. I received a free copy and eventually paged through it and discovered it is one of the best, if not the best, books on investing. Side note: Jim Collins and I became friends after I wrote the book review."
"Simply put, J.L. Collins is the dad we all should have. He gives this sage advice in easy-to-remember packets of information, on his blog and in his book. It's powerful advice delivered in the most efficiently digestible way."
"Here's the short review I use on my own blog: The Simple Path to Wealth takes a topic that, for many, can be scary, complicated, and frustrating and reduces it to an easy-to-understand idea that the reader is excited to embrace. The book, originally written as a series of letters to the author's daughter, draws on real life experiences, common sense ideas, and humor to show the reader a simple way to obtain, grow, and maintain wealth. The book should be considered required reading since it provides a foundation of solid financial knowledge that anyone could use to get their financial house in order."
"Great investing info!"
"Amazing writing and tone throughout. Even if I didn't care about money, I'd find this entertaining."
"This is a little bit of a more advanced book, but has such great information! It explains investing in terms most people will understand, has great advice, and just all around a good read."
"I got TOTALLY screwed over the first 20 years I worked due to fees from mutual funds, etc. I know now that it was partially my fault for trusting the district I worked for to have advisors that would look out for us. How stupid was I. Too busy to question and learn more. JL Collins book is hilarious and shows exactly how to get it done - simply. I give it out as wedding presents and graduation gifts - and just hope that people read it someday!"
"Because I believe in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle."
"This book is the best book on personal finance, investing, and financial independence I’ve read — and “No” it is not the only book on those subjects I’ve read either. I originally heard Mr. Collins interviewed by Farnoosh Torabi on her “So Money” podcast in the summer of 2016. I was intrigued by what Mr. Collins had to say, so I checked out his website (which I emailed you all about previously) to take a look at some of his blog posts. The quality of the posts prompted me to download his book. It proved to be a great decision as the book helped me completely reconfigure my entire outlook for retirement. It also helped me to tweak many aspects of my investment strategy. Mr. Collins originally wrote the blog posts, on which this book is based, as letters to his daughter in college, who was a financial layman. Thus, you need not be money wise whatsoever to understand the concepts in this book. Even if you are particularly well versed in personal finance and index investing The Simple Path To Wealth is written in such clear and engaging language that I would recommend you read it. In the past few months, I’ve returned to The Simple Path To Wealth again and again to re-read sections. I only wish is that such a book existed 20 years ago…"
"JL Collins was the first author who really showed to how to financially achieve my goals. He writes in a very clear style and the book addressed finically topics for a variety of ages."
"Jim Collins does a great job of providing a simple path for everyone to follow if they are interested in investing their way to wealth with index funds."
"It demystifies the stock market and also acknowledges that there are readers in a wider world than just North America."
"I have always been a saver, but I never learned to invest and was REALLY bad at it. Got burned in 2001, got burned in 2008 and then discovered JLCOLLINSNH.com and started index investing thanks to his encouragement."
"It delivers exactly what the title says. Simple, and will make you wealthy. A good book to begin the FIRE journey."
"It's the most readable and enjoyable book about money out there. Jim writes clearly and keeps it entertaining, and that's a huge challenge when discussing money and investing."
"It's just that simple. I'm not fully sold on low cost indexing as the future of wealth building or even the most ideal approach. But it is absolutely dead simple for anyone to wrap their heads around and that's almost more important."
"JL is a great guy. He doesn't try to fancy up the investment world and explain $2 concepts with $10 words. This book is perfect for someone who knows zilch about investing and can provide insight for even a seasoned investor."
"I love JL Collins"
"This book really is the be-all-end-all of finance books. It covers all of the main topics of personal finance in a way that allows newbies to jump in and come out the other side as an expert."
"Love this for the simplicity of the approach and the fact it's based on advise to Jim's daughter. This makes it feel very personal."
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