The Intelligent Investor:
The Definitive Book on Value Investing

By: Benjamin Graham | Categories: Investing, Money Management
A classic filled with timeless wisdom, Graham's book is THE resource to guide us on the path to value investing and to ultimately reaching, and possibly surpassing, our financial goals.
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"Not an easy or entertaining read but an essential for anyone who is interested in investing and looking to expand their knowledge. By this time it's basically a classic but so much of the information is still applicable to today's markets."
"It is the first classic book of value investing and the basis for the early investing style of Warren Buffett. It is also written by Buffett's mentor, Benjamin Graham."
"It can be a lot to take in if you aren't comfortable with stock analysis and terminology, but the investing principles of Benjamin Graham's Value Investing can and should be applied to any investing scenario. Whether you're buying single stocks (which most people shouldn't) or picking mutual funds in your 401(k), you can apply what you learn in this book. You aren't a speculating gambler, you're a calculating and intentional business owner when you invest. You're buying a real company with real assets, and you need to buy one with more underlying value than is reflected in the price you pay."
"Everything you'd ever need to know about investing from Buffets mentor,"
"While I may stick to index funds and only the occasional stock anymore, this is another total mindset change for most people. The concept of Mr. Market, long term thinking, and again buying value all are wonderful. Reading this book in college shaped my entire investing decisions. It has also stood the test of time and shown how these concepts are just as relevant today. I find myself going back and reading different chapters to compare them to today's environment."
"This book gives readers a roadmap to follow and gives you the opportunity to find out if you are a passive or aggresive investor. Want to learn how to invest? Start here and then keep educating yourself."
"Great book for every investor to help understand the basics of investing."
"A classic. It is fundamental to understanding the mentality you need when evaluating stocks. You want to be like Buffett? Go to the source of his knowledge. This book was written by one of his most – if the THE most – favorite teachers."
"It got me interested in finance/finances in the first place back when I was a teenager. My grandfather gave me the book and given that he was a very successful investor, I took notice. It goes beyond superficial advice and shows you how to actually do the heavy lifting, in the financial statements, yourself. Invaluable."
"A great book to start to learn about investing"
"It is the definitive book on investing in which Ben Graham lays out his key insights into the market."
"This is the gold standard of how to invest and everyone should be required to read it. He was basically Warren Buffett's mentor. Do I need to say anymore."
"Benjamin Graham was Warren Buffets mentor. If that isn't enough to encourage you to read this book I don't know what is. The book is a difficult read, but the knowledge you will gain from reading this book is well worth the effort and time. I haven't read a book yet that better explains the ins and outs of the market."
"If you're interested in a book that provides a great outline on how to value companies and stocks, this is it. While I recommend investing in index funds rather than individual stocks, I do think knowing how to intelligently invest yields dividends (pun intended)."
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