Directory of Blog or Website Managers

Here's a list of the people offering blog management help in our community.
John Schmoll - Managing a website, especially a blog with regular content updates can eat up a large amount of time (believe me, I know!). I can help with various tasks like replying to comments and emails, responding to advertisers, writing articles or managing social media posts. I can help you with any or all of these tasks for a reasonable monthly fee.
Paula Pant - Paula offers full-service blog management through her digital marketing company, Catalyst. Her team specializes in creating high-caliber comprehensive blog and social media marketing plans, editorial calendar management, editorial management, social calendar integration, autoresponder management, and conversion consulting.
LaTisha Styles - LaTisha offers blog management services to financial advisers and her sweet spot is connecting those firms with millennials. She creates content that engages the stuff that millennials love. That means interesting videos, informative slide decks and graphics that are anything but boring, and blogs that they want to read and share. Then, she takes that content and amplifies it through your social channels. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. She finds millennials where they are and encourages the relationship so you can gain their trust and ultimately their business.
Kayla Sloan - I am an experienced blog manager and have been working closely with several blog owners over the past few months. Hiring a blog manager can make your life easier. In addition to typical virtual assistant tasks, I will handle all aspects of your blog, from advertisers to guest posters and everything in between. Take a short and relaxing vacation or a longer blogging hiatus without losing your source of income. I can handle all the day-to-day tasks of running your blog while you relax.
Michelle Jackson - If you're going on vacation and need someone to watch your blog and incoming emails I would be happy to help you with that!
Melissa - Need help developing your blog, making it stand out, and engaging your audience? I can help you set up and manage a successful blog or website with my blog management services, including: developing an editorial calendar, hiring and managing freelance writers, generating engaging blog posts specific to your brand and message, uploading, editing, and formatting content, and creating social media-friendly images.