Directory of Proofreaders & Editors

Here's a list of the proofreaders and editors in our community.
Lenny Bron - Lenny is a freelance proofreader and editor. He has been working in the television/media industry for over a decade, which has helped him form a keen eye for crisp and clean writing. He has a passion for personal finance and enjoys helping writers provide the best content to their fans. Lenny can be reached at lenny@theblogproofreader.com. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I personally use, and recommend, Lenny! - J$]
Kimberly Adams - Kimberly Adams is a freelance proofreader/editor. She has over ten years' experience as a curriculum editor and writer. She has a minor in Math, which helps in her sharp attention to detail. She's very precise, and is known by co-workers as "Eagle Eye" for her meticulous attention to format, style, and consistency. Kimberly can be contacted at kimadams2000@outlook.com.
Jackie Lam - I am a personal finance writer, brand specialist, copywriter, and copyeditor with nearly 10 years of experience. I love educating the public about personal finance and have a flair for creating content that is valuable, informative, and engaging for the intended audience. As a brand specialist, I've written marketing copy to convey a brand's unique message and story on accounts such as Mattel, Warner Bros., Crayola, and Taylor Swift.
Ashley Gainer - Ashley is an experienced editor who's worked with authors and bloggers since 2010. From polishing manuscripts to acting as Director of Content, she's done it all with rave reviews and repeat clients. Get in touch to see what she can do for you, too! Get in touch with her at ashley@ashleygainer.com.
Tina Roth - I am a freelance personal finance blogger, writer and proof-reader specializing in frugality and money management tips. I have worked with Investopedia, Kabbage and other small to large enterprises.
Sara Reemts - Sara has a MBA in Finance and Management with an undergraduate degree in Accounting. She is an eagle eye proofreader, speech writer and blogger in finance and travel. A entrepreneur at heart, Sara's love of financial independence makes her a great asset to your team. Sara has teamed up with top Fortune 500 companies to provide content and expertise.
Natalie - Are you in need of an extra pair of eyes? Natalie Cardot is a legal proofreader by day, personal finance/frugality blogger by night. Her highly trained eye will breeze through your writing, picking up any stray spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors and rectifying them with ease. She'll help to make your work shine!
Catherine Turner - Catherine is a full-time proofreader with a passion for making content look polished and professional. She started proofreading as part of her former day job in the financial sector and immediately found her calling. She has real-world experience of proofreading, particularly in the areas of website content and economic publications. She has always been a voracious reader which has given her a keen eye for spelling and grammar. Catherine can be contacted at catherine @ turnerproofreading.com.
Esther - Editor, Writer and Digital Marketer who'll whip your content into shape. Words are my currency - I originally cut my teeth in journalism and parlayed those editorial skills into a career in digital/social content. It'd be my pleasure to help you slash the jargon and cut straight to the chase; together we'll get some flow and clarity into your prose. Let's get your blog posts, e-books, feature articles, bios, case studies and press releases making a splash with compelling copy.
Katie Welsh - Katie's experience is a freelance writer/editor and podcast producer that specializes in personal finance topics. She has a background in education and was a teacher for 5 years before making the transition to freelance writing, Katie is able to explain new topics in easy to understand language to people who are not financially minded. She is passionate about helping people who have gotten into debt learn how to manage their money.