Directory of Social Media Managers

Here's a list of the people offering help with social media management.
Shannyn Allan - I offer two tiers of service for small businesses who need help starting or revamping their social media marketing strategy: Consulting/DIY packages which will train you and your team how to rock your social media tactics, with the budget and team you already have. I also offer full-scale social media marketing and digital brand management services- where I run and grow it all for you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I also offer SEO based copywriting and Pinterest Image services.
John Schmoll - Would you like to develop a strategy with consistent social media posting that expands your presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook but just don’t have the time or knowledge to get it done? Let me do it for you! I can help you grow your blog audience with consistent social media interaction.
Melanie Lockert - Maintaining a blog and a community can be hard work. But it doesn’t have to be! If you want to focus on your content or the big picture of your business, let me manage your social media accounts and/or blog commenting. I read personal finance blogs all day long, and can comment on your behalf to stay engaged with the community. I can also schedule Twitter or Facebook posts and respond on your behalf so you can focus on the big picture, while creating a community that matters.
Linsey Knerl - Linsey has been actively managing the social accounts for sites in the personal finance and consumer sphere since her first gig as the Community Manager for top personal finance site, Wise Bread. Since then, her team at Knerl Family Media has coached dozens of companies via one-on-one training sessions and virtual classrooms opportunities. Not interested in handling your own Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn? They can do it for you!
Paula Pant - Paula leads a powerful social media team through her digital marketing company, Catalyst. Her team specializes in effective social media that converts, particularly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
LaTisha Styles - LaTisha offers social media management services to financial advisers and her sweet spot is connecting those firms with millennials. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. She finds millennials where they are and encourages the relationship so you can gain their trust and ultimately their business.
Kayla Sloan - Hiring someone to help with branding and social media management is a good idea if you are pressed for time. I’m proficient with several different social media platforms and programs to management, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter Feed, Buffer, Hoot Suite, and more.
Kathleen Celmins & Joe Saul-Sehy - We offer a two-hour workshop that will help you understand where to focus most of your energy on social media, followed by monthly social media management. In the workshop, we’ll answer questions like: Where are your potential customers hanging out? Which social networks should you focus on with the limited time you have? How often should you be posting content on the various social networks? How many followers do you need? What kind of content should you be sharing with your followers? What should your profile look like? Why does all of this matter? After our initial workshop, we’ll do your social media management for you.
Kate Dore - I'm a social media consultant with a diverse digital marketing background and a passion for financial literacy. My approach combines engaging content, PR, and influencer marketing. I currently manage social media for a SaaS company and blog about my hustle toward financial freedom at Cashville Skyline. You can find me on Twitter at @CashvilleSky.
Michelle Jackson - If you’re not social I would be happy to craft an online presence that matches your business focus.
Melissa - If you're a creative who'd rather focus on your business than fickle social media management, look no further. As a professional social media manager, Melissa has experience in maintaining an active social media presence while focusing on your blog's message and appropriately interacting with your audience. As a professional, Melissa knows how to engage the audience without over-saturating them with your message, making your engagement more authentic your readers. Melissa works on the following platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.