Directory of Writers

Here's a list of all the freelance writers in our community. As well as a dash of copywriters, editors, resume tweakers, LinkedIn crafters, etc, covering all areas of personal finance, entrepreneurship and more.
Paula Pant - Paula is a former newspaper editor at the E.W. Scripps chain and the founder of AffordAnything.com. She offers high-caliber freelance writing services on personal finance issues, with a specialty around retirement planning, investing, real estate, and general personal finance.
John Schmoll - My experience includes freelance writing, ghost writing, blog writing, blog management and social media management. Some of the subjects I've written extensively on include: frugality, investing, finance, budgeting, entrepreneurialism, small business, marketing, copywriting, and communication. I currently provide staff writing for a handful of personal blogs as well as GoBankingRates, US News & World Report, and Personal Capital.
Melanie Lockert - Melanie is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance topics, including student loans, student loan refinancing, credit, savings strategies, side hustles and more. Her work is millennial-focused and personable and has appeared on Credit Karma, Student Loan Hero, GoGirl Finance, Huffington Post and Rockstar Finance.
Zina Kumok - A former newspaper reporter, Denver-based Zina Kumok has covered everything from murder trials to the Final Four. Her portfolio includes work for Credit Karma, Intuit and Investopedia. She writes about personal finance for a variety of publications and has been featured in DailyWorth, Fox Business and USA Today.
Greg Johnson - I am a freelance writer and editor specializing in personal finance and travel topics. My areas of expertise include budgeting, frugal living, travel rewards and frugal travel, student loans, credit, debt, and self-employment. I have experience ghost writing and am available to write in a variety of styles.
Holly Johnson - I'm a freelance writer with in-depth knowledge of credit, personal finance, and travel. I'm available to write about a variety of topics in almost any style. I'm also available for expert interviews on a broad range of topics including credit card rewards, frugal living, frugal family travel, minimalist lifestyles, and bread-winning women.
Travis Pizel - I am a freelance writer, blogging since 2010, specializing in personal finance. I enjoy sharing financial successes and failures through personal experiences as a husband and parent. I'm also skilled at researching topics for informative posts and have extensive experience as a social media specialist, promoting content through social media channels. I can be reached at [email protected]
Valerie Rind - Best known for her website and award-winning book, Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads: True Stories of Friends, Family, and Financial Ruin, Valerie Rind writes about the full spectrum of personal finance topics. Areas of specialty include divorce and end-of-life financial issues. She’s been featured in major media sites including Time/Money, Fortune, Forbes, MSN, and GOBankingRates.
Erin Lowry - I work as both a freelance writer and speaker on nearly any topic related to personal finance. My areas of expertise include: student loans, credit cards, handling the financial transition from college to the real world, how to build and keep a strong credit score, budgeting and balancing relationships (both romantic and platonic) and your money.
Michelle Argento-Diamond - I’m a Philadelphia-based business and finance writer who's been marketing financial products for almost 20 years. I partner with top-notch and high-exposure brands to create consumer-facing and B2B materials that enhance brand image, meet regulatory requirements, and strengthen reputations. My work has appeared on MSN Money, Time.com, Yahoo Finance, FOXBusiness.com, The Motley Fool, and more.
Marissa Anwar - I currently offer freelance writing services for the lifestyle verticals. My background is in product design and small business. I'm also a travel writer for multiple publications, and have been featured on a variety of sites such as Toronto Star, CNBC, The Today Show, MSNBC among others.
Kate Dore - I'm a freelance personal finance writer with a background in social media and software. I can help create compelling content for your blog, newsletter, or website. I love working with financial advisors and startups. And I blog about my hustle toward financial freedom at CashvilleSkyline.com. You can connect with me on Twitter at @CashvilleSky.
Jacob Wade - Freelance writer on budgeting, saving, passive investing, DIY, and credit card in-depth reviews. As a reformed spender (I blew through $100,000 in 2 years once) and financial coach, I offer in-depth expertise on how to successfully get people to take action and improve their finances. I specialize in building plans that help people achieve their goals, and coming up with unique ways to save a LOT of money in almost any budget category. Looking to help others financially succeed so they can build the life they’ve always wanted.
Lance Cothern - I offer freelance writing services in the personal finance space. I have a CPA license in the Commonwealth in Virginia. I have experience going through many different financial situations including paying off over $80,000 of student loan debt in less than three years with my wife.
Miranda Marquit - I have been a full-time freelance financial journalist and professional blogger for several years now. My specialties include personal finance, entrepreneurship, beginning investing, and other finance-related topics. I write on many other subjects as well, including law, science, and technology. Sometimes I rant about politics and religion.
Jackie Lam - I am a personal finance writer, brand specialist, copywriter, and copyeditor with nearly 10 years of experience. I love educating the public about personal finance and have a flair for creating content that is valuable, informative, and engaging for the intended audience. I've written for Transamerica, CO-OP Financial Services, Freelancers Union, and Cat Fancy's CatChannel.com. I've been featured in Forbes, Kiplinger, and Yahoo Finance. As a brand specialist, I've written marketing copy to convey a brand's unique message and story on accounts such as Mattel, Warner Bros., Live Nation, Crayola, and Taylor Swift.
Stefanie O'Connell - Stefanie uses powerful storytelling and content to engage young audiences around their finances. A former contributor at US News & World Report, past clients include Discover, Barclaycard, PersonalCapital, GoBankingRates and a variety of other corporate, startup and editorial outlets.
Pauline Paquin - Pauline is a personal finance and travel expert whose work has been featured on major media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Forbes and MSN Money. Her areas of expertise include simple living, debt freedom, early retirement and millenial money. Her straight to the point writing makes finances easy for every audience.
Linsey Knerl - Since 2006, Linsey Knerl has created thousands of compelling features for web and print. Her consumer-friendly pieces have been featured at Hobby Farms, Grit, American Express OPEN, Forbes, PC Mag, Investopedia, TIME, and others. With a focus on clear copy and a rapid turnaround, she will speak the language of your audience and help you put your best words where they will be seen!
Louis DeNicola - Louis is a personal finance writer and educator. He's worked with multi-national financial services companies, smaller websites focused on personal finance education, and FinTech startups to deliver compelling and information content. His work ranges from lists of practical money-related tips and tricks to personal interviews with people who've overcome large financial hurdles. Among other places, you can find Louis's writing on MSN Money, Cheapism, Business Insider, Daily Finance, and Magnify Money.
Hannah Rounds - As a writer, I aim to help young people achieve financial stability when their careers, the economy, and their family life are in a constant state of flux. I write about financial products, investing, money and marriage, career development (especially of the non-linear variety), and raising kids who understand money.
Tonya Stumphauzer - I’m available to do staff writing for your blog or company. Topics range from personal finance, lifestyle, career, fitness, and health and wellness. I’ve contributed guest blogs to many personal finance sites, and I’m currently a staff writer with Bionic Body. I would be happy to send samples of my writing.
David Auten and John R. Schneider - David and John are personal finance writers, bloggers and speakers. They use their combined tenure in financial services of over 30 years and their experience of getting into and out of $51,000 in credit card debt to help others live debt free, have fun and be money conscious. In addition to their work on Debt Free Guys and Queer Money, they’ve appeared on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and more. David and John specialize in LGBT finance, general personal finance, debt, retirement and investing.
Aaron Crowe - Aaron is a freelance journalist who specializes in personal finance writing and editing. His work has appeared at AOL, US News & World Report, Wisebread, Credit.com, Bankrate, AARP, Learnvest, and at businesses such as Wells Fargo and Allstate.
Amanda Abella - I provide timely, well-researched, data-driven articles on business operations, marketing concepts, personal finance, business finance and financial education topics. Current and past clients include Investopedia, Credit Karma, Kabbage Small Business Loans and more.
Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS - Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager, author of Personal Finance; An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management and two other investment books. Friedberg is a former university Finance and Investments instructor, and publisher of Robo Advisor Pros.com and Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.com. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Investopedia, GoBankingRates, TheBalance and more. Friedberg specializes in actionable and comprehensive investment and personal finance content.
Roger Wohlner - Roger is an experienced financial advisor based in Arlington Heights, Ill. His expertise includes providing financial planning and investment advice to individual clients, 401(k) plan sponsors, foundations and endowments. His work has been featured on Investopedia, US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, and other publications. Roger uses his experience as a financial advisor and his writing background to explain complex financial topics to a variety of audiences in an easy to read, understandable format.
Justin Pritchard - I'm a personal finance writer and CFP® practitioner. With over 14 years of experience writing and working in financial services, I have seen plenty of questions from consumers and learned how to communicate in an effective, down-to-earth way. I share important information about complex financial matters without overwhelming readers. I also meet my deadlines. I am very open to staff writing or ghost writing — I don't need my name to appear on your content.ur content.
Kayla Sloan - Writing is my passion! I’ve done a lot of writing over the years from local and state-wide newspaper articles, magazine writing, and now blogging. My knowledge base is very wide. I’ve covered lots of topics including, but not limited to: personal finance, debt, lifestyle, fashion and beauty, relationships, frugal living, couponing, crafts, pets, and all types of agricultural topics. I would love to write for your blog or publication on a one-time or recurring basis! I am professional, timely, and courteous in completing assigned tasks.
Tiffany Alexy - My background is in real estate and business, so those are the topics I feel most comfortable and passionate about! I am a huge proponent of the financial independence / early retirement movement and am obsessed with frugality, minimalism, investing, and the various paths to get there. I'm also a licensed real estate broker in the state of NC and work as an active sales agent and real estate investor. Anything real estate, investing, or real estate investing related, I'm all over it :)
Michelle Jackson - Michelle is a personal finance and lifestyle blogger for her site www.shopmyclosetproject.com and podcaster for her show Girl Gone Frugal on iTunes. She focuses on helping people downsize their spending, increase savings, learn how to hustle hard and make more money in the list amount of time while working towards their best imagined life. Her works have been featured in: The Globe and Mail, Rockstar Finance, Wisebread, and Student Loan Hero.
Rachel Hernandez - With over a decade of experience in real estate investing, I can write articles on the topic of real estate/investing.
Alaina Tweddale - I’m a Philadelphia-based business and finance writer who's been marketing financial products for almost 20 years. I partner with top-notch and high-exposure brands to create consumer-facing and B2B materials that enhance brand image, meet regulatory requirements, and strengthen reputations. My work has appeared on MSN Money, Time.com, Yahoo Finance, FOXBusiness.com, The Motley Fool, and more.
Kali Hawlk - I'm a freelance writer who specializes in writing on money, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and careers. I also work with financial advisors to consult on inbound marketing strategies, and am the Director of Marketing at XY Planning Network, the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who specialize in working with Gen X and Gen Y clients.
Kelly Whalen - Kelly is a writer who focuses on the intersection of parenting and personal finance. She is freelance writer for a variety of clients including retail clients, consumer clients, and personal finance companies. Topics range from lifestyle content such as fashion and gift ideas to in-depth personal finance topics such as retirement fund options and money saving advice. Find samples of her writing at CentsibleLife.com.
Catherine Alford - Are you interested in hiring an experienced writer who consistently produces quality work and is always on time? Well then, I’m your girl! My writing has been featured on some of the most popular blogs in the world, including the Huffington Post and Life Hack, and I am currently available to create unique, high quality content for your site too. Here are the topics I enjoy writing about: personal finance, managing money, difficult life experiences, marriage, living abroad, traveling abroad, motherhood.
Sherrian Crumbley - I have spent the last few years utilizing my love of writing and other creative skills to help develop the website, branding, and content for KNS Financial and our various websites. I have also been a ghostwriter and editor for other websites, specializing in topics of faith and finance, budgeting, career, entrepreneurship, and money management.
Robert Farrington - Robert is a freelance writer that has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, MSN Money, and more. He typically writes about millennial money issues, student loan debt, and education. You can see samples of his writing here.
Hank Coleman - I am a freelance writer blogging and writing for many national online publications since 2008, specializing in personal finance. I hold a Masters in Finance and have taken collegiate courses required to sit for the CFP exam. While I write about all facets of money topics and personal finance, I specialize in investing, retirement, and insurance.
Kalen Bruce - Kalen is a unique financial and productivity writer. He writes on all finance topics, including dumping debt, retirement investing, saving money, frugality, finances with children, smart credit card usage and related topics. He writes on productivity topics, including science-based habit building, time management, exercise, energy levels, goal setting and related topics. Kalen is happily married with 4 children, no debt and serves on active duty in the US Air Force, so he brings an interesting perspective on life.
Shannon McNay - I’m a writer, content strategist, and community builder. My focus is on personal finance (more specifically, the emotional side of personal finance), but I also cover other topics including networking, productivity, and living your best life. I specialize in turning hairy, complicated topics into understandable and easy-to-digest content.
Tom Drake - I'm an award-winning personal finance expert that can be found at MapleMoney.com and Retire Happy . I'm looking to write for Canadian sites and magazines about family finance, frugal living, investing, travel, and how to make money. I'll share my articles through my social media network of over 100,000 followers and will help raise the profile of your company as an influencer that has been featured in sites like The Globe and Mail, Forbes, MoneySense, Toronto Star, and Canadian Living.
Jason Butler - Jason is a freelance writer with a background as a financial counselor. I specialize in topics such as debt, side hustles, travel and college information. You can view some of my work at www.TheButlerJournal.com.
Eric McWhinnie - Eric is a Money & Career Senior Editor at The Cheat Sheet. He formerly worked at State Street and Waddell & Reed in the financial advisor services. He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. In 2012, Forbes named him #4 on their list of Top 10 Social Media Influencers on Wall Street. His work has been featured on Yahoo!, USA Today, The Week, and Business Insider. He's available for interviews and can be reached at [email protected]
Sarah Li Cain - Sarah Li Cain is a money storyteller who weaves interviews and engaging storytelling methods to hook in readers and turn them into raving fans. Her specialties include case studies, holistic finances, alternative investments, budgeting, money management, debt and credit cards. Current and past clients include Magnify Money, Centsai, Chime Banking, LendEDU and other Fortune 500 companies.
Lindsay VanSomeren - Lindsay is a Washington-based personal finance freelance writer with an unconventional background in long-distance dogsled racing and professional wildlife research. She focuses on writing about credit-related products as well as teaching fellow millennials how to get their financial life in order. She focuses on traditional means like paying off debt, saving for retirement, and budgeting, and even unconventional means like brewing your own beer and growing your own food.
Melissa - As a freelance writer, Melissa offers many skills honed through her years of professional writing, including editing, grammar, and research skills. If you're looking for a competent and creative writer whose work requires no editing, Melissa is the writer for you. Visit her blog for examples of her work, or email for references from clients. Melissa focuses millennial personal finance, the home selling, buying & renovation process, saving money, the freelance economy & entrepreneurship, and career advice for Millennials.
Ashley Gainer - Ashley is an experienced writer and editor who specializes in money, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle topics. Her writing is informative, engaging, and data-driven, and her copy is always clean. She's been featured on sites like the Huffington Post and The Penny Hoarder, and she's also a trusted ghostwriter for several popular personal finance sites. Get in touch with her at [email protected]
Latoya Scott - Latoya is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance topics including, budgeting, credit, savings, side-hustling, student loan debt and more. Latoya blogs over at Lifeandabudget.com, where she inspires millennials to hustle, pay off debt and live life on their own terms. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Rockstar Finance, My Fab Finance, and GoodCall.
Tina Roth - I am a freelance personal finance blogger, writer and proof-reader specializing in frugality and money management tips. My other experiences include social media management, ghost writing and Wordpress blog management. I already have worked with Investopedia, Kabbage and many other small to large enterprises.
Eric Bowlin - Eric is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance, real estate, investing, and entrepreneurship. He writes in a compelling and relatable way to get complex thoughts across in a simple fashion. You can connect with Eric and check out some of his work at IdealREI.com.
Liz Stapleton - I’m a freelance writer focusing on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and issues lawyers face. I write engaging and shareable blog posts and articles. My writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Penny Hoarder, Credit Sesame, and MagnifyMoney.
Vikas Singh Gusain - My name is Vikas Singh Gusain and I am a professional content marketer with many years of experience. A blogger, columnist, content marketing expert, editor, marketing instructor, and conversion scientist by day and a reader by night, I love to write on topics related to digital marketing strategies, technical and international SEO, web analytics, startup and small business strategies, growth hack strategies, conversion optimization strategies, etc.
Bearded Money Guy - I'm a lawyer by day, financial blogger and freelance writer by night (and early morning). I enjoy writing about investing, personal finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and the law (as it pertains to any of the aforementioned topics).
Prerna Malik - Prerna is the co-founder of Content Bistro where she serves up finger-lickin’, high-converting copy, content and marketing strategy services to time-starved entrepreneurs. With over 6 years of experience and having worked with over 350 clients worldwide, she is the go-to conversion copywriter and content marketing strategist for industry leaders, trail-blazing entrepreneurs, and passionate small business owners. Her client list includes Amy Porterfield, Bushra Azhar, Carrie Wilkerson, Tsh Oxenreider, Anne Samoilov and many more! Her superpowers include blending persuasion with conversion to craft copy and content that not only woos wallets into opening themselves but also engages and entertains the readers. Yes, boring long-form sales pages shudder when they hear her name! Her work has been published on Forbes, Work Awesome, Make a Living Writing, Female Entrepreneur Association, Addicted 2 Success and hundreds of others.
Ruby Escalona - Ruby is an expat from the Philippines and now calls Florida her home. She has worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years, and knows her fair share of financial products, and personal finance. She blogs about her financial independence journey and her travels on A Journey We Love
Nords - I hesitate to join these lists because I don't want to compete with people who earn their living at it. However some of you can't afford to pay freelancers yet and just want a one-time boost so that you can start hiring them. So I'll offer my free guest appearance for your podcast or an interview for your blog post: How military families can reach financial independence, what I've learned from retiring over 13 years ago at the age of 41, how angel investing works and how entrepreneurs should craft their pitch, anything on Hawaii life, slow travel, parenting, sustainability/frugality.
Chelsea Brennan - I'm a freelance writer with in-depth knowledge of family finance, investing, and business development. I also blog at MamaFishSaves.com. After spending over 7 years on Wall Street as a research analyst and investment manager, I'm working to improve financial literacy more broadly. I'm able to write about a wide variety of finance topics both in an in-depth, analytical voice and a more personal blog style.
Rachel Slifka - Rachel Slifka is a freelance writer and human resources professional. She is passionate about helping fellow millennials find success with their finances and careers. Read more by checking out her website at RachelSlifka.com.
Ben Luthi - I'm passionate about everything personal finance. I'm a former NerdWallet credit card writer and also have experience writing about insurance, student loans, investing and other personal finance topics. My work has appeared in publications like USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, NerdWallet, Student Loan Hero, Money, and more.
Andrew Riddle - I'm a storyteller at heart, so basically I'll write, shoot video, take pictures and pretty much tell a story however best fits the topic.
Krystal Sadler - Krystal is a freelance writer in all things related to personal finance. After paying off over $80,000 of debt in four years, she is passionate about inspiring others in managing their income, wealth, and credit well. As a former teacher, she has made it her mission to teach others financial literacy. Her specialties include, but are not limited to, debt payoff, budgeting, saving money, millenial money, investing for beginners, simplifying family finances, and teaching children good money habits early.
Ariella Brown - If you're uncompromising on quality writing and on deadlines, you can rely on me. My work has been featured on publications like All Analytics, Baseline, CFO, DMN, EE Times, Forbes, and numerous others that you can see on my portfolio: https://ariellabrown.contently.com/ Among my accomplishments is writing about bitcoin before it was famous. In even earlier days, I wrote about practical personal finance, budgeting for a wedding and new household, and understanding the pros and cons of different types of IRAs and credit cards for the magazine that I created, published, and edited for 6 years. I can write under my own name or ghostwrite the content you require. I also am a professional editor and social media consultant.
Rosie Wolf Williams (Cash Crone) - Rosie Wolf Williams has written stories for print and online publications for more than 24 years. Her writing credits include articles in Woman's Day, AARP, Costco Connection, Business People Vermont, Next Avenue, Energy Times, Living on the Cheap, and more. She owns the blogsites BigPurpleMarble.com, CashCrone.com, and TrusttheUniverse.com.
The Women Who Money Team - Amy Blacklock & Vicki Cook lead a team of writers who've been publishing and editing content in the personal finance and wellness space for over fours years. Articles from the team have been seen on sites such as GOBankingRates, Yahoo Finance, MSN, Nasdaq.com, Business Insider, and RockstarFinance. Between our multiple websites and freelance content writing assignments, we’ve written on a wide variety of financial, wellness, and lifestyle topics, and we’re confident we can deliver high-quality articles for you too. Due to the depth of our team, we can provide you with complete writing, editing, and proofreading services, so all you need to do is publish. Ghostwriting services also provided.
Laura Gariepy- Every Day by the Lake - Laura Gariepy is a blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant and side hustler enjoying lake life in Central FL with her fiancé, mother in law and cat. She writes about money, careers, travel and life’s journey.
Ray - I’m a writer who has been blogging about personal finance since 2010. My experience includes writing about building wealth, growing income, saving money, avoiding debt, family and money, investing, and more. I’m comfortable writing articles that can range from entertaining and light, all the way to highly detailed and professional. This includes ghostwriting. In addition to my personal finance writing experience, I also have professional experience to draw upon (MBA in Finance, as well as a career in Marketing and Media).
JJ @ The Financial Graduate - If you are looking for a writer who can provide unique, high quality and well researched content, then I'm your lady! I am a professional researcher by day and freelance writer by night. My background is in communications and cognitive psychology (MSc). I specialize in personal finance content that is geared towards beginners and women (mama's in particular). I also love to write about all things related to psychology and post-secondary education. For writing samples visit me at my blog, thefinancialgraduate.com
michael kramer - I can write on Stocks, Options, FX, Interest Rates, and The Economy. Plus, I pride myself in customer service- I'm always on call to help you! I have 25 years of industry experience as a buy-side trader, analyst, and portfolio manager. Additionally, my work gets featured on websites such as MarketWatch. Michael is a writer for Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, Mott Capital Management, and a series of clients. In addition to writing content, Michael can help deliver a strategy to build your page views for your website or blog. Michael has ten's of thousands of social media followers reading his work daily to distribute content.
Megan Nye - Megan Nye is a personal finance freelance writer who crafts content for businesses, blogs, and publications. Her articles transform even complex money matters into easy-to-understand and actionable information. Megan’s writing has been featured by Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma, Citi, Wells Fargo, Lending Tree, and Northwestern Mutual. Additionally, Megan manages her own personal finance and lifestyle blog, Prioritized Living.
Dan Miller - I have extensive experience writing about credit cards and using miles and points to travel. I started, own and am the primary content writer for PointsWithACrew.com, a site that helps families (especially larger families) travel for free / cheap. I also have expert knowledge in other areas of personal finance (general credit cards / getting out of debt / investing / retirement / college / etc). I am also well-versed in real estate investing