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ibotta [ Free // New users get a $10.00 welcome bonus ]
An app that gives you cash back when you shop! Pull up the app anytime you're about to buy something, look for rebates to activate from iBotta (you unlock them by watching a short video, reading a fun fact, taking a survey, etc), and then confirm your purchase at the end and BOOM - instant cash back. One of the best ways to spend a minute :)
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Categories: Cashback, Rewards
Ebates [ Free // Rockstar users get $10.00 at sign up ]
Ebates is one of the biggest cashback apps around, helping you find coupons and earn cash back at over 2,000 stores including Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Target and Groupon. Use the app to conveniently use in-store coupons, scan products to compare prices, and get up to the minute deals, rebates, promo codes and discounts.
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Categories: Cashback, Rewards
Paribus [ Free ]
You know how sometimes you buy stuff, and then 3 seconds later you find it cheaper elsewhere? Or you forgot a coupon or companies play the “price drop” game on you since they know your profile? Well Paribus fixes that :) You sign up to them once, and they’ll go out and get your money back for you.
Rockstar Review | Categories: Cashback, Cutting Expenses
Job Spotter [ Free ]
Ever see help-wanted signs in the windows of stores? If so, snap a picture of them inside the Job Spottter app, along with the main sign of the store, and they will reward you with a few dollars for doing so :) One of the easiest - and quickest - ways to make side money!
| Rockstar Review | Categories: Cashback
Dosh [ Free ]
Dosh is a free cash back app without any hassle. No UPC scanning, no submitting receipt photos, no mail-in rebates, no promo codes, no in-store fumbling. Connect your credit & debit cards up once, continue living your life as normal, and then auto-magically get cash back. And even more so when you book hotels through Dosh. (Fun fact: Dosh is slang for money)
Categories: Cashback
Swagbucks [ Free // Rockstar users get $5.00 at sign up ]
Swagbucks is a (ridiculously) simple way to earn gift cards and cash for everyday things you already do online. Earn points for shopping, searching the web, watching videos, answering surveys, and then redeem them for free gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Walmart, or simply go for the cash back via PayPal.
| Rockstar Review | Categories: Rewards, Cashback