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Debitize [ Free, new users get $10.00 towards their next credit card bill ]
Debitize is a clever system that essentially turns your credit cards into debit cards, but without losing your credit card points. The temptation to run up mountains of credit debt instantly becomes tough.
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Qoins [ $1.99/mo // Rockstar users get $3.00 upon sign up ]
An app that helps you automatically pay down your debt. Connect your checking account with them, and Qoins will round up all your transactions to the nearest dollar, and then apply this "spare change" directly to your debt - whether student loans, car loans, etc.
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| Rockstar Review | Categories: Debt
Pay Off Debt [ $4.99, one-time ]
An app that helps you organize your debts in one handy spot, making it easy to obsess and celebrate your progress. Easily decide on the repayment order that works best for you, whether that’s the debt snowball method, the debt avalanche, or something else entirely. And ultimately track your progress and stay motivated so you can finally pay off all that debt!
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