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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
A Family on FIRE30sEarly Retirement$1,563,255.002019
Adventures with Poopsie30sEarly Retirement2016
All About Balance20sLifestyle2016
Alpaca Capital20sGeneral Finance2018
Aspiring Millionaire30sMaking Money2009
Aussie Firebug20sEarly Retirement$271,451.002015
Aussie HIFIRE40sEarly Retirement2018
Aussie Money Mum30sFamily$250,000.002019
Aussie WealthTeensMillennial$970.362018
Better Us Blog30sDebt$31,732.002017
Big Kid, Little AdultUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2017
Burning Desire for FIRE50sEarly Retirement2017
Burning Desire for FIRE50sGeneral Finance$1.002017
Buy, Hold Long20sInvesting$22,000.002017
Can I get a Quick Word?30sLifestyle$27,353.382015
Chronicles Of Wealth40sEarly Retirement2017
Dividends Down Under20sGeneral Finance2015
Early Retirement Australia30sEarly Retirement$300,000.002017
Enough Time To...40sGeneral Finance2016
Enough Wealth50sInvesting$1,692,000.002006
Family Money Travel20sFamily$203,000.002018
Financial Freedom Australia20sGeneral Finance2019
FIRE by Thirty-Five20sEarly Retirement$210,915.002016
Frugality and Freedom30sEarly Retirement2019
Fully Franked Finance40sInvesting2018
Fund My Ferrari40sGeneral Finance$2,801,136.002018
Gen Y to FI20sMillennial$5,000.002017
Get Money Wise30sGeneral Finance$944,641.002017
Girls With Money20sGeneral Finance2018
Hey, It's Just Money!30sGeneral Finance2015
HisHerMoneyGuide30sEarly Retirement$1,500,000.002019
Income Master30sGeneral Finance2017
Investing for a Living.40sInvesting2016
Investor Mouse50sGeneral Finance2016
Investor Tuition50sInvesting2016
Just Baggage Enough50sGeneral Finance2017
Kylie Travers30sGeneral Finance2015
latestarterfire 40sGeneral Finance2018
Life Long Shuffle20sEarly Retirement$205,000.002017
MakinCents30sGeneral Finance2017
Mawer Money30sLifestyle2017
Miss Moneycanny30sGeneral Finance$500,000.002018
Money Flamingo30sEarly Retirement2018
Money Meet Mind30sGeneral Finance2015
Mongrel On Fire30sEarly Retirement$351,000.002017
Ordinary Dollar30sEarly Retirement$250,140.462018
Piggy Bank Dreams30sMaking Money2015
Professional Badass30sEarly Retirement2018
Quarterly Value20sGeneral Finance2017
quest2independence30sEarly Retirement2016
Remember To Water30sGeneral Finance$1,045,000.002015
Savings.com.auUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
School on Fire30sGeneral Finance$200,000.002018
Simply + Fiercely30sMinimalism2015
Slack InvestorUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
SMART Advice40sGeneral Finance$5,000,000.002012
Smart Family BudgetUnspecifiedLifestyle2016
Smart Money Choices40sGeneral Finance2012
Smart Money, Simple Life50sFrugality2015
Smithmoney40sGeneral Finance$890,000.002019
Spending Hacker40sGeneral Finance2013
Strong Money Australia20sEarly Retirement2017
Sufficient Fundz30sMillennial2017
SuperGuy60+Traditional Retirement2013
The A&J Muse20sMillennial2016
The Bludger30sEarly Retirement2017
The Daily Femme30sGeneral Finance2014
The Earnest Addiction20sFrugality$8,891.002016
The Economiss30sMillennial$160,000.002018
The FI Explorer40sEarly Retirement$1,318,763.002016
The Flawed Consumer30sLifestyle2017
The Frugal Samurai30sGeneral Finance$900,000.002017
The Happiness Investher 20sLifestyle2019
The Spreadsheet Dad30sGeneral Finance$349,000.002016
The Thrifty Issue30sFrugality2014
Thrifty Nomads20sBudgeting2014
Wealth From 3030sGeneral Finance2015
Your Family BudgetUnspecifiedFamily2016
Your Side Hustle Success50sMaking Money2017