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We believe we're rational in most of our thinking, that is until we've read this book. Dan Ariely finds our irrational quirks fascinating and presents them in interesting and entertaining ways through stories and by sharing the findings he's accumulated over years of performing psychological research studies on willing participants and classroom teaching.
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Self-deception is a self-preservation mechanism we all make use of on a regular basis to protect our ego. This behavior is an integral part of our human nature and this fact materially affects our workplace, our relationships, even our society in general in fascinating and unexpected ways, and these authors show us how. Sneak peek: It's impossible to view our criminal justice system the same way after reading this book.
"This time is different" is a phrase we often hear during times of both crisis and hubris. Surprisingly, it's usually wrong. The authors of this book by the same title review eight centuries of economic activity around the globe and show us that most of what happens in the markets is predictable because history repeats itself with surprising consistency.
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This mother daughter duo offer well-researched and compelling evidence that life in America is not what it used to be. Why? Wage stagnation and the new expectations of modern life have resulted in an increased need for households to move from single to dual incomes. The consequences? The lack of a financial cushion needed to weather unexpected financial hardships as a household's fixed expenses increasingly eat up more of a household's earnings.