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One of the online pioneers of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), Fisker turns conventional retirement doctrine on its head. This is the book for you if your gut tells you there has to be a way to exit the rat race sooner than conventional wisdom suggests. Fisker's blog also makes for a compelling read: EarlyRetirementExtreme.com
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The author suggests there is a better way to make money than following the traditional route. His solution? Create online businesses (among other things). Solid info? You decide.
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Browne invites us to question. Everything. Every rule, every restriction, every boundary, both self-imposed and imposed upon us by others. The reader may not agree with the author's every assertion but, nonetheless, many of them will merit consideration if not adoption.
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In this part "how to" book, part early "memoir," Vitug offers the resources needed to help & inspire others to live life on their terms. He wanted to be more purposeful, more self-directed. Getting his financial house in order helped him decide to go for it and pursue his dreams and he hasn't looked back since.
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The title speaks for itself. Bob Clyatt invites us to question why we work as much as we do and invites us to consider the options that are available to us, from downshifting to semi-retirement among others. The book takes the reader step by step, from saving and investing to what we can do to change our lifestyle as our options expand along with the size of our portfolio.
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Victory Lap Retirement provides evidence that prudent personal finance management offers financial security, as well as gives us the freedom to reinvent ourselves as many times as we like, at any age.
This book provides the how behind the question of how to successfully retire and do what we want to do sooner than later. Author Ernie Zelinski has done it and sooner than the majority of people, long before the concept of FIRE had much traction. He provides great advice along with a healthy dose of humor along the way.
This work of fiction tells of a couple's journey toward financial independence, from their twenties to retirement and beyond, along with all the triumphs and mistakes along the way. The story is reassuring, inspiring and entertaining.