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Jonathan & Brad explore the world of Financial Independence. They interview thought leaders in the FIRE community as well as the Passive income community and discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate, and more. Every episode is packed with content and actionable tips, and the podcast is crowd sourced with community members getting involved on the show as guests and sharing their own life hacks.
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Launched: 2016 | Categories: Early Retirement, Entrepreneurship, Investing
Join the Mad Fientist as he dissects the brains of some of the most well-respected personal finance icons in the field to discover their techniques and strategies for achieving financial independence. Topics included are investing, saving, entrepreneurship, and all things relating to money and early retirement!
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Launched: 2012 | Categories: Early Retirement, Earning More, Entrepreneurship, Investing
Stacking Benjamins
Meet the show Kiplinger named Best Personal Finance podcast of 2016! Live, from Joe's mom’s half-finished basement, comes a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters, and a big “so what?” to end each show.
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Afford Anything
You can afford anything, but not everything. This is the mantra of host, and blogger, Paula Pant who wants you to think about how deeply you contemplate your life choices. Are you settling for the default mode, or are you ruthlessly optimizing around a deliberate life? Paula interviews a diverse array of entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, investors, artists, adventurers, scientists, psychologists, productivity experts, world travelers and regular people, exploring the tough work of living a truly excellent life.
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Radical Personal Finance
Joshua Sheats is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hardcore business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence. Unlike other shows, Radical Personal Finance focuses on in-depth content and Master’s Degree-level education delivered to you as a comprehensive curriculum of financial knowledge.
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Hosts Gwen (from Fiery Millennials) and J (from Millennial Boss) break down all things Early Retirement into simple, actionable steps for the average person out there. They interview guests with epic side hustles, real estate investors, early retirees, online business owners, travel hackers and a host of other inspiring people achieving financial independence. (And are proud to represent the female voice in the FIRE space!)
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Launched: 2017 | Categories: Early Retirement, Earning More, Entrepreneurship, Investing
Masters of Money
This is PT Money's show, the founder of our financial blogging/media conference - FinCon. He interviews the people of FinCon to open up about their financial turnarounds, the goals they've achieved, what they still struggle with, the tools they use, their plans for the future, and more. And hopes his own success of paying off debts, maxing out retirement accounts, and leaving his corporate job to start two successful businesses will be helpful in sharing as well.
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Scott Alan Turner is a former money moron how lived the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, losing $40k in the stock market and racking up a load of credit card debt. But by age 35, he turned it all around and became a self-made millionaire who now shares how it's done. With his off-beat humor and signature live-on-your-own-terms approach, Scott is on a mission to help people reach financial independence and ultimately achieve a life full of awesome experiences.
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2 Frugal Dudes
This podcast dives into middle class financial topics for the average full time employee (Sean) and the small business owner (Kevin). They share tips about saving money and how living frugal can help you achieve financial freedom. Kevin and Sean have varying opinions on important financial topics, and you'll get to weigh out the pros and cons of their decisions to decide what's best for your situation. Learn how to cut back on repetitive costs so you can splurge whenever necessary!
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Launched: 2016 | Categories: Frugality, Career, Early Retirement, Entrepreneurship
The Financial Mentor Podcast
A former professional hedge fund manager turned financial educator, Todd reveals unconventional wealth building advice on this show, as well as advanced investment strategy tips. If you are tired of the same old "buy, hold, and pray" and worn out frugality tips, then this show is for you. Each episode teaches financial freedom by revealing what works, what doesn’t, and why.
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Launched: 2013 | Categories: Investing, Early Retirement, Earning More
His & Her Money Show
Talaat and Tai equip you to find the balance between managing your money, you marriage and everything in between. Their goal is to help each and every person build wealth and become completely debt free! They cover a number of personal finance topics such as debt elimination, money saving strategies, budgeting techniques, credit repair, investments, and more. It's not just about money though, they also tackle topics to help build powerful family structures like organization skills, time management, and faith.
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Optimal Finance Daily
Optimal Finance Daily finds the best blog posts around on personal finance and minimalism, and then literally reads them out loud to you :) Sort of like an "audioblog" or "blogcast." Current sites featured are Mr Money Mustache, Zen Habits, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Budgets Are Sexy, The Minimalists, Steve Pavlina, Cait Flanders, and Early Retirement Extreme. It's literally listening to blog posts in your ear!
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The Fairer Cents
A show all about the deeper stuff that impacts women, their money and their fight to get equal. Hosted by Tanja Hester of Our Next Life and Kara Perez of Bravely, they want everyone to understand what women are truly up against, and feature those whose stories don't often get told. If you're game to get real about money while taking down the patriarchy, this is the podcast for you.
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Launched: 2017 | Categories: Money Management, Career, Early Retirement, Earning More
The Dough Roller Podcast helps people make the most of their money though interviews, news, tips and resources. Whether you are just starting out, under a mountain of debt, or nearing retirement, the Dough Roller Podcast can help you achieve your financial goals.
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Aussie Firebug Podcast
A financial independence podcast for Australians, featuring interviews with people who have already reached, or are on their way to reaching, financial independence. Shows come out about once a month.
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Launched: 2016 | Categories: Early Retirement, Investing, Lifestyle, Real Estate
Big Picture Retirement
If you are planning for, or living in, retirement…this is the show for you. Understanding the big picture is critical for a successful retirement. Whether or not your retirement is a success may depend on how well you planned when connecting the dots of your legal, tax and financial plan. In this show, we’ll dig beneath the surface and discuss how you should apply this planning with your hosts- attorney John Ross and financial planner Devin Carroll.
Launched: 2017 | Categories: Money Management, Early Retirement
Countdown to FI
Follow the journey of one couple as they pursue financial independence and living a life of freedom. Topics include early retirement, saving, investing, travel hacking, debt payoff and much more. Tune in weekly to learn tactics for becoming financially free and begin pursuing your best life!
Launched: 2018 | Categories: Early Retirement