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Launched: 1992

The Dave Ramsey Show is hosted by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, who teaches you how to manage and budget your money better, get out of debt faster, build wealth, and ultimately live in financial peace. People either love or hate his no-nonsense approach, however it's hard to dismiss his millions of listeners and fans over the decades. Dave's often linked with the Debt Snowball technique, and is the founder of Financial Peace University and his 7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace.
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"Funny and nice to come across people you relate to and to hear debt free screams"
"There is an entertainment factor with The Dave Ramsey Show podcast. The podcasts come a day after the live airing and are split into 3 separate hour long episodes. Ramsey mixes in live listener calls with financial rants and guest interviews. It is pretty much Ramsey’s radio show in podcast format. It’s interesting hearing all of the situations his callers find themselves in and how Ramsey suggests they get out of it. He promotes his financial books, classes and personal finance app regularly but it really does not distract from the good advice he hands out to his callers. My favorite part is the debt free screams where people come into the studio and explain their process of getting out of debt. It helps me stay motivated on our own debt free journey!"
"I love the motivational talks and how he keeps people on track to paying down their debt so they can build cash flow to invest and take advantage of opportunities as they build wealth."
"The questions are real and come from actual callers. You never know what the next question is going to be!"
"I really dig the personalized (well, at least the 3-minute version of personalized) advice that Dave gives. Rather than just spout off what everyone *should* be doing, he's able to take caller's questions and apply his teaching, controversial as it may be, to their situation. That's really what makes the difference between lofty sounds-goodisms and life-changing information: the application."
"The first one I have ever listened to"