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Launched: 2012

Join the Mad Fientist as he dissects the brains of some of the most well-respected personal finance icons in the field to discover their techniques and strategies for achieving financial independence. Topics included are investing, saving, entrepreneurship, and all things relating to money and early retirement!
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What Bloggers Are Saying...

"I like the guy and how he presents the information about people that accomplished financial independence."
"Always has great guests. But doesn't have many episodes lately."
"Brilliant guests. I learn a lot of life hacks from them."
"Very interested in the guests that he brings in and allows them space to shine."
"This was the first FI-related podcast I found and it's still my favorite. I think it's the only one I'm actually subscribed to. I like Brandon's relaxed tone and the easy going conversational style of his interviews. He doesn't come across as super slick or as someone who has all this mastered - though he clearly knows his stuff."
"He has Good interviews with top financial bloggers."
"Because Brandon's voice, and also the show is amazing."
"Great content and always useful!"
"a great way to hear from those who have retired extremely early or are pursuing early retirement"
"Great guests, in depth interviews and information from all (financial) walks of life"
"I like his style. This one is more focused on FIRE and it is interesting to see how many people achieve this in various ways."