Budgets and Cents

Cait Flanders, Carrie Smith // BudgetsAndCents.com

Launched: 2016

Budgets and Cents is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Cait Flanders (formerly Blonde on a Budget) and Carrie Smith (Careful Cents). In the past few years, the two have paid off nearly $45,000 of debt, gotten rid of most of their belongings and quit their jobs to work for themselves. Cait and Carrie have discovered that not being weighed down by debt and clutter gave them the freedom to try new things and live the lives they wanted. If you change your money, you can change your life - it’s that simple. New episodes come out every Tuesday, and topics include budgeting for your life and business, embracing minimalism, working for yourself and more.
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"Cait and Carrie do a really good job of connecting your finances to your mindset. It’s not just about the numbers. It’s about lifestyle, and minimalism, and fear, and goals. I’ve never missed an episode!"
"I love Cait and Carrie's approach both to finances but also to life in general. Plus they were one of the first financial podcasts I ever listened to and from them I've gotten all sorts of good recommendations for books/other podcasts!"
"I find Cait and Carrie really enjoyable to listen to and I always take away a few tidbits of advice from every episode."