Poll: Finance Apps

Welcome to the 2nd poll in our Rockstar 360 Series! Just like we did last month with finance books, we'll be using all this data here to put out another deep-dive report for the community, as well as to build out a new sub-directory of apps for everyone to use in the future. So thanks for helping us out! Remember - The more questions you answer, the more chances of being featured across all these projects! Especially the "why" sections.

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#1) What's your favorite financial app?*
#2) What's another of your favorite financial apps?*
#3) Tell us one more favorite money app?
#4) What's a financial app that you regretted downloading?
#5) How many financial apps do you have on your phone right now? (Just open it up and count!)* (Numeric)
#6) How many apps in TOTAL do you have on your phone right now? (Financial plus all others)* (Numeric)
#7) How many times a week do you open up a financial app?* (Numeric)
#8) What was the very first mobile phone you ever got?*

#9) Would you give up ALL apps forever in exchange for a new (and free) $50,000 car?*
#10) What's your *guilty pleasure* app? (Could be any embarassing app, financial or otherwise ;) )