Poll: Finance Books

Thanks so much for taking this poll! We'll be using this data here to not only make our Directory more robust (your answers will help continue to build out our Book Directory), but also to run nerdy reports for broadcasting across the world ;) So the more questions you answer - especially the "why" sections - the more chances of being featured across the Rockstar websites! Thanks for helping us out!

(FYI - This poll is always open for any new bloggers who come across it, so please still take it even if you're late to the game!)

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#1) What's Your Favorite Financial Book?*
#2) What's Another Book You Love On Money?*
#3) What's One More Book You Like On Money?
#4) Any Financial Book That's Totally Overrated?
#5) How Do You Get Most of Your Books?*
#6) How Many Financial Books Do You Own?* (Numeric)
#7) How Do You Read Most of Your Financial Books?*
#8) What Types of Books Are The Most Important?

#9) Would You Rather Have All The Knowledge From Every Financial Book In The World - OR - $100,000 In Cash Money?