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Here are the most recently added blogs to the directory from the past 30 days. This way you don't have to sort through them all to find the new ones :) (It's also a good place to check to see if your personal finance blog has been listed after submitting it!)
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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
Minimalism & Money30sEarly Retirement$184,095.002016
Hops and Numbers30sGeneral Finance2018
Macro AffairsUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2018
Caught On FIRE30sEarly Retirement2018
California FIRE30sEarly Retirement$320,104.002018
Eco-Friendly Saver20sFrugality2016
Beat Student Loans20sGeneral Finance2018
Happy in the HollowUnspecifiedLifestyle2018
yourmoneyblueprint30sEarly Retirement2018
The Student Loan ProjectUnspecifiedDebt2018
Sundry Miscellanea30sLifestyle$312,000.002018
Dime Dad20sFamily2018
Stock MillionairesUnspecifiedInvesting2016
Money Saved is Money EarnedUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2018
Freedom Pot20sEarly Retirement$34,000.002018
The Frugal Fellow30sGeneral Finance2018
Saving Joyfully30sGeneral Finance2018
FIRE in the Land30sEarly Retirement$200,000.002017
Financial Analyst Insider30sGeneral Finance2017
Financial Toolbelt20sGeneral Finance2017
Finance For The Family40sFamily$3,250,000.002018
The Life FundUnspecifiedGeneral Finance$15,060.002018
D is for Dollars30sGeneral Finance$400,000.002018
MoneyVisual Personal Finance BlogUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2018
Ms. Fiology - A Redemptive Study in Achieving Financial Independence40sGeneral Finance$29,221.752018
Charlotte MushaUnspecifiedGeneral Finance$37,000.002018
Unconventional Prosperity30sMaking Money2017