Up & Coming Blogs

These are the best up and coming finance blogs per Rockstar Finance. Sites that have popped up over the past 12 months or so and putting out some great stuff. Please visit them so they'll stick around for the long haul!
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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
Wealth Well Done30sEarly Retirement2016
Crispy Doc40sEarly Retirement2016
Tub of Cash30sGeneral Finance$1,250,000.002017
The Frugal Gene20sMillennial$1,065,056.002017
Bitches Get Riches20sMillennial2017
Early Retirement Dude40sEarly Retirement$2,575,000.002017
The Luxe Strategist30sLifestyle2017
Abandoned Cubicle40sEarly Retirement2017
Millennial Money20sMillennial2015
Keep Thrifty30sFrugality2016
Mr. Free At 3330sEarly Retirement2016
The Dumpster Dog BlogUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
Sneaky Falcon Enterprises20sInvesting2017
The Retirement Manifesto50sEarly Retirement2015
Millionaire Before 5040sEarly Retirement$1,372,674.002016
Stock Street30sInvesting2016
The Lady in the Black40sDebt2017
Physician on FIRE40sEarly Retirement2016
Miss Mazuma30sEarly Retirement$366,266.002016
Apathy Ends20sGeneral Finance$180,000.002016
Nest Egg Ninjas30sGeneral Finance$450,000.002017